I am back 😁

Hello my fellow bloggers... after an year of abandoning the page I wonder if anyone is actually reading this 😅 Remember my worry monster post ? My little worry monster grew into a huge massive monster and swallowed me on whole. He didn't let me post whatever I have written. I was lost, Afraid and... Continue Reading →


Am I a feminist?

What is feminism? Feminism is having an equal platform for people from both genders (all genders in my opinion) to have the right to take up opportunities and show their talent fearlessly. It is gender equality! So, I am a feminist and I expect equality! Should every girl learn cooking and cleaning from childhood? Yes,... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is the day, A long awaited day. The day didn't start but it had multiple endings in my imaginations already. Heart takes us to the places we can't visit and the time we didn't see. Among my multiple trails I wonder how it will actually be. Little nervousness, little fear and a lot of... Continue Reading →

Brown woods !

Komal - hey ! you up? Pooja - yup, why are you calling me this late? Komal - Guess where I am ? Pooja- Next room? Komal - nope, In Brown woods resort. We are having a couple's weekend. Pooja - Wow! that's awesome. have fun ! Good night. Komal - No, speak for a... Continue Reading →

Uzumaki Naruto !

I know that I am not an excellent painter, I know that I deform my characters in the name of painting 😀 Will I give up ? No, never ! 😀 So As you already guessed it is Team 7's turn ! Kakashi Sensei is my favorite character among all the characters 🙂 He faced a... Continue Reading →

Not so bright student !

It was a bright sunny day, June sat near her favorite window seat in the last row. She noticed a small bird trying to build a nest on the concrete slab under a tree. She started thinking about the birds daily life and was lost in thoughts. ' June!!  why  didn't  you submit your assignment... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blog award!

I have been nomminated again by the same sweet heart Deepika 🙂 Loads of love and hugs for this sweet girl, Do check out her blog, As she has awesome stuff going on there 🙂 RULES : Thank the person/persons  who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog  Answer the... Continue Reading →

Does life after death exist?

As I was arranging my old book shelf, I came across a book where i used to write reviews in,  In 2013 I read a book called 'Many lives and Many masters' by Dr. Brain Weiss. I wrote few verses which I found interesting. pg 46 - " our task is to learn, to become... Continue Reading →

worry monster

                 Worry monster, the monster that comes in my head with a chocolate in one hand and pitch fork in another with a waist cloth, who is short and stout and looks about 12 years aged mean boy.            When he comes inside our house, I can feel... Continue Reading →

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