worry monster

                 Worry monster, the monster that comes in my head with a chocolate in one hand and pitch fork in another with a waist cloth, who is short and stout and looks about 12 years aged mean boy.            When he comes inside our house, I can feel... Continue Reading →

Back to school

I went to school today, I was really excited to go after my prolonged hospitalization. It is a miracle that I got healthy over night, I remember being very sick and tired in the evening. I woke up today with endless energy, It all feels so nice. I was very popular before this disease struck... Continue Reading →

An Indian Girl

I read this beautiful piece today and what ever is written in this is a heart wrenching reality to this day in most of the places this exact same thing happens! I hope all us do our part in changing this situation, girls by getting stronger and being brave. Boys by understanding the girl is just like you and no different from you 😊

Live Your Dreams 24/7

Just like any other girl, she grows and develops
From a baby to an adult, she turns with gallops
Moving from crawling to falling and then to running
She has a spark like every girl within that keeps burning

That’s not all about her. She grows with certain morals.

“You must be fully covered before you leave the house”
“Talk to no boy, we will get a stranger as your spouse”
“Your curfew is 6; good girls don’t stay out till late”
“Learn to do all the household chores, that’s your fate”

What if she is teased, or worse: is raped?

“You have brought shame to our family; it’s your fault”
“Your revealing outfit is the reason for this assault!”
“You are impure now; marry the rapist for nobody else will”
“Shameless girl, you should go die or for our honor we shall kill”

What if she has an abusive…

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Monkey.D Luffy

I know that I am not a painter, I never went for any classes or learnt anything,so there will be ton of mistakes in my art 😀 Coming to my painting, the  man standing here and waving his huge hand  is called Luffy, who decides to become the king of pirates and starts his voyage... Continue Reading →

To my fellow bloggers :)

May be I am too new to write this, may be not! I started my blog few months back, but I have been active only for two or three weeks. At first I was very worried to post and share, thinking I am not good enough! I still might not be good enough 😀 even... Continue Reading →

I am a Man just like you!

I walked through the school corridors ashamed of what I am, I sat through family dinners without answering one question ‘Why don't you have a girlfriend?’ I sat alone on a park bench feeling lonelier as I watched couples holding hands. I cried on pillow trying to change what I want. I looked helpless into... Continue Reading →

A lovely Blogger Award.

Hello 🙂 There goes pink in my blog 😀 A lovely girl nominated me and I really wanna thank her a lot but she doesn't like the 'T word' In her words. So a big hug from me to deepika . you guys should check out her blog, It makes you happy 🙂 She has... Continue Reading →

The crash!

High beam lights shined bright in her eyes! As she turned the steering and drove straight into the barricade, her car fell into the valley crashing. The last thing that she remembered that night was the light blinding her and the car crashing into darkness. That fraction of seconds between these two things, she felt... Continue Reading →

The cottage.

Wilson moved into the new house, he is a writer and wanted a place amidst greenery after his return from Egypt.  The most eligible bachelor decided to stay alone to work on his book. He came in with very few boxes, It was more of a cottage than a house. He settled in the place... Continue Reading →

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